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V-Steam Herbs

Royal Spa LLC

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100% all natural herbs to use for vaginal steaming. 

Herbal blend for detoxing, purifying, and rejuvenating.

This purification process of yoni steaming cleanse, tone, and nourish the vagina and womb. It is a beautiful blend of 15 plants allies’ ideal for steaming the vagina and promoting healthy hormonal balance. This can be enjoyed a week before and after your menstrual, after childbirth, or whenever you like.


-Balance Hormones

- Reduction of cramps, bloating, fatigue, and other menstrual discomfort

- Regulate menstrual cycle

- Reduce heavy bleeding, increase light bleeding & reduce clotting

- Correct absent menstruations

- Realign the organs, improving prolapse and incontinence

- Strengthen, tighten and tone the vaginal walls and organs

- Prevent chronic yeast and vaginal infections

- Treat hemorrhoids

- Reduce vaginal dryness

- Treat symptoms of menopause

- Treat post partum conditions

- Boost Low Libido

- Maintain Healthy odor

- Align & heal post birth

- Heal vaginal tearing & scarring from C-sections and episiotomies

- Release emotional pain, trauma & negative energy trapped in the Sacral and   Root Chakras

- Detox entire body through womb

- Treat pelvic pains

- Increase fertility

- Prepare womb for conception, pregnancy & birth

- Release stored emotions and tap into the energy that is our creative potential.


Boil herbs in water

Pour mixture into bowl

Sit over mixture once the temperature is comfortable for you

Cover up from waist down, to trap steam in

Relax for 30 minutes & Enjoy Some Yoni Lovin'!

*If you have an UID please be aware that it MAY be released. Do not steam if you are pregnant or during menstruation.